Opening up

After having read all those blogs of others, being stunned by their insight, their amazing thoughts and sometimes even more amazing conclusions I never thought I’d open up something like this. I still don’t think it’s a good idea!

But nevertheless, lately I experienced some happenings, ways people behaved and developments in my favourite area which made me think again. Posting long articles in a forum is one thing, they may be read by a number of people but they also drown in the crowd of other postings. In a blog I feel free to offer my thoughts the way I want to and as lengthy as I want.

My favourite area? Free and Open Source software, Linux, and especially Mandriva Linux. Having been with that company (Mandrakesoft, now Mandriva) from the very start makes me feel fit to comment on the ongoings in that company, namely the relation between the company and the community of users.

This will be the subject of most of my blogs, stay tuned. But I warn you, it will not always be pleasant reading!


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