Forgotten desasters

Man tends to forget bad things like embarrassing scenes, disasters, the little and the big SNAFUs. That’s what they say and in general this is a Good Thing[tm]. But is it also such a good thing for a company to count on the weak memory of their user community?

Maybe one or the other of you has witnessed or heard about the marketing and communication disaster Mandriva caused for themselves by canceling their participation at the German Linuxtag fair. German and international forums were discussing this, especially the Mandriva forum. For those who did not hear about it: the company signed up for a stand, canceled their participation 4 days before the event and on top of that ignored their German community who were ready to jump in for the company. Their official statement: “We can not participate because our CEO had an accident and broke his leg.” Period.

I will not go into the gory details here, read up here and here in the Mandriva forum.

Why do I dig out this corpse now? Because today I was reminded about the story and then it hit me: after Mandriva canceled the event and after complaining about me for publishing this there was not one word from Mandriva concerning the whole event and everything else. No mail to me, no public statement about the reasons, no public post in the forum by any member of the management, no reaction anywhere in any way to all the turmoil.

Do they really count on their user community’s weak memory?


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One Response to “Forgotten desasters”

  1. Dedanna Says:

    I still wonder if they even realize, or just don’t care how important Linuxtag was in general for themselves, and for the distribution. It’s amazing that they still to this day have played dumb by giving no response whatsoever to the event – I can’t do anything but hang my head, wondering why I give them the support I do.

    This is a good thing you’re doing, wobo. It may not be something you like to do so much, but at some point it will be more important and crucial than you realize.

    Take care always.

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