Much ado about … what?

Once there was some movement to be observed in the recesses of the ordinary users. People offering opinions although not asked, some based on insight, others only shouting from the top of their keyboards. What made the people so restless, why did they leave their daily routine of praising the distribution?

The main issue was a feeling of being neglected by the powers, a feeling of being not heard by those who were fed by the people. Now this is something Marie Antoinette had to pay with her head for. Not being heard or getting no response to their pleas is something which makes people feel frustrated, thinking of a change.

Eventually the rumur was loud enough to be noticed behind the sealed doors of the rue d’Aboukir in Paris. A plan was called for to solve this situation.The big question: How can this mass of people be led back into the tracks and back to their important work? Someone came up with a brilliant idea: “Let them have their own leaders! The benefits for the company will be manyfold. We will not have to explain what we want to the whole public but only to a small group, their leaders. Then these leaders can tell their communities. If all goes well, we are the benefactors. If something goes wrong, they will be the ones to blame. We give them the impression to be in touch with them without actually being on display for the whole crowd. And last but not least: a small group is easier to steer than a large mass of people.” The “Mandriva Community Steering Committee” was born! For the sake of appearance the name was later changed into “Mandriva Assembly”.

The plan was put into action and it seemed to work out very well for the company. The crowd was happy, they continued to toil for the company without wasting their time with useless discussions. The so-called representatives were gathered, received their instructions – and that was it.

Now, more than 6 months later, we look at the whole scheme and what do we see? A MUGs group whose most lively discussion dealt with the question what goodies they can receive from the company. There were a few ideas but only carried out by single people and/or their communities. There were other ideas which could only work with the collaboration of the company – now who could have expected this? There are members of this group of representatives who never participated in any of the few discussions, let alone contributing their ideas. Confronted with this result you will hear different excuses, depending on who you ask. The company representatives are complaining about the almost non-existing activity of the community leaders. Some of the community leaders are complaining about the lack of response and collaboration from the company. Others, namely the public crowd, complains about the whole scheme as being a SNAFU.

I’ve been there, I’ve participated, and I left. This is my view from the outside.

Take care and beware of committees!


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2 Responses to “Much ado about … what?”

  1. linux_oid Says:

    You are still listed as a German member –

  2. wobo Says:

    Thanks for the hint. I repeatedly asked the people in charge (Romain, Anne) to remove me from the website, unsubscribe me from the MUGs list, etc. I thought it was done, it was not. I just logged in and removed my entry from the wiki page.

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