The beauty, the function, the beauty

Netbooks are the big hype of our days. Aren’t they cute little toys, a real treat for a technics victim? Yes, I did buy such a toy, mainly because I wanted to have something small enough to carry around each day and put to use in the park, at the queue at Starbucks and on the train. It’s a Lenovo S10e and I am still annoyed that Lenovo abandoned that joystick! Anyways, a netbook with a solid state disk asks for a slim and fast distribution and a special desktop.

When I was in Berlin for the annual round-up of the Linux gnus I asked around, Fedora, Opensuse, Debian, Mandriva, Ubuntu – that was the only one offering a beautiful desktop launcher with their Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Installed, worked nicely and was a beauty to look at – if you don’t mind brownish colors. But back home I looked over that beauty in the light of day and “the morning sun shining in her face really told her virtues” (thx Rod!). There was no way I could get the built-in mike to work with Skype. I used every trick I know from Mandriva to make it work in spite of PA, but no success. I asked in the famous ubuntuusers forum but did not receive any answer at all for 2 weeks. Goodbye beauty, function is on the top of my list!

Installed Mandriva 2009.1 from the powerpack, using the LXDE desktop for a smaller system – and what I expected: everything working. WiFi, webcam, audio, even playing a DVD ISO image with mplayer was no problem. Here I had the function, but I missed the beauty!

Yesterday German users from began working on the netbook-launcher – the desktop which made the beauty of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix. They packed it for Mandriva 2009.1 and today I installed it: there I have my beauty again!

The netbook launcher

For those who are interested: download this package and install. The RPM is for Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring and may ask for additional packages from the official repos.

My conclusion:

Follow your main prerogatives, in the end there will be beauty!


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5 Responses to “The beauty, the function, the beauty”

  1. » Blog Archive » Makes Sub-notebooks Work and Look Better Says:

    […] […]

  2. Alain Says:

    I’ve installed the rpm and now ?
    What I have to do ?

  3. wobo46 Says:

    You just give the command ‘netbook-launcher &’ in a console window.
    This was our first shot at the nice desktop launcher, meanwhile we released the 2nd edition of a Mandriva Gnome ONE based edition with this launcher See “MUD Netbook Edition”

  4. Alain Says:

    Where to find mud ?
    google don’t know it

  5. wobo46 Says:

    Hmm, you see the link to download the package (right below the screenshot)? That’s the website of
    Sorry, I was not specific enough: MUD is short for “”. My pointer to “MUD Netbook Edition” was meant for the thread in the Mandriva Forum:

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