Some things just take time

(Sequel to Forgotten desasters)

Things keep getting back to you every now and then. I thought the Berlin desaster of Mandriva and Linuxtag was another bad experience gone by and stored in memory. But a couple of weeks ago I had to dig down and revive the whole situation while compiling a report about the Linuxtag event for the community magazine MagDriva. Doing this I thought it would be a good idea to ask Mandriva for one more time to give an official statement. I mean, after sending the “Broken Leg Mail” on June 18, 2009 no Mandriva official has published any word about it anywhere, not via mail, not in the Mandriva forum, not in one of the nice blogs on Planet Mandriva.

I wrote a very polite and ver matter of fact mail to Paris asking for some statement to be published in my article in the MagDriva magazine. After asking again two times I finally received the statement, sent by mail from Vanessa Wall, Communication Manager at Mandriva. She wrote:

Just a few words to give you a more insight approach.
Mandriva is at the edge of its new strategy: like renewing its executive staff was a first step (New OEM team/ Changement at the head of the Business Unit Corporate/ Launch of a new product: Mandriva Enterprise Serveur 5…) ; which took place during June’s period.

Only Hervé and a few Executive Vice President could manage to take care of Mandriva’s presentations, delivering new messages, explaining new strategy. Mandriva has got some difficulties but it puts everything in its power to overcome those. And unfortunately everything happens during the Linux Tag event which was a bad timing for us.

Anyhow, we are quite aware of what you guys are doing and we would like to thank you for all your efforts! Also, we would like to apologize for all the inconvenience we have caused you.

Kind regards,

Well, lets see what this mail says:
It says that Mandriva had a busy time, so what? These changes in June did not come out of the blue, they were not likely to influence a participation at the Linuxtag at all. Even if something caused a financial shortage it could not have caused the CEO to withdraw his former “Yes” because Mandriva had to pay for the stand anyway. Nothing in this mail explains why Mandriva did not accept our offer to run the stand in Mandriva’s name.

So, what to do with this statement? I decided to take it as is and let the readers make up their opinions. For me I decided to forget the first two paragraphs and focus on the apology in the last sentence.

Case closed, after all.


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3 Responses to “Some things just take time”

  1. NEWS » Erklärung von Mandriva zum Linuxtag 2009 Says:

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  2. Supercharger Says:

    So what does all of this mean?

  3. DaaX Says:

    I think the problem with Mandriva is this : the staff is probably not the right one actually. The executive staff doesn’t do the job for what they are paid for.

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