A New Year, still the same world? Not for me.

Well, you all know the absurd expectations we grown-ups share with the little kids. We count how many days are left until certain marks on the calender, like birthdays, Christmas, the like, as if something extraordinary will happen there and then. One of such dates is January 1st – the first day of a new year. You awake from the party and amidst the fog of your boothe hangover there is this small kid, glimpsing into the world, expecting major changes round each and every corner.

Enter Reality.

You look out of the window, the same street with the same people and that same neighbor who still dumps his garbage into your trash can. The phone rings, your ex-wife still uses the same screeching voice while wishing you all the best and pls send that cheque earlier than usual!

But once in a while things really happen! I’m not talking about things you planned to change with the new year, and surely I’m not talking about the January Girl on the new Custom Car calender, although she’s worth every single hormonal molecule you generate looking at her picture! I’m talking about myself, pushed up by the special atmosphere when you look into both faces of Janus and – Bamm! – in a split second you decide and then carry out something you should have done long before.

This happend to me on 2009’s  last eve. I was again involved in a discussion in the Mandriva forum, reading the usual mix of well meant and true but too heated postings, annoying postings from people who don’t know anything about the issue but still act as experts. I asked myself for the umpteenth time what I was doing there. First time that I found an answer: I was wasting my time!

I tried for years to do something impossible. I always thought that all people with a mutual interest in the same topic would come to at least similar conclusions about some issue. This is what I’ve been seeing, reading and experiencing for years in the MandrivaUser.de community. There are often different opinions as soon as we start discussing consequences – but the facts are always acknowledged and the conclusions are almost identical when based on these facts. I really believed this to be the common way to discuss issues – any issues everywhere.

Not so in the international forum at Mandriva. There are issues and provable facts. But here are also people participating in the discussions who do not know the facts and people who know the facts but close their eyes to avoid seeing them. Still both draw their conclusions from what they don’t know or pretend not to know and use them to confuse the whole discussion – stating those who draw their conclusions from facts are wrong. Then there are the true British people by heart (although they may come from everywhere), “Right or wrong – my distribution, my company!”.  Like the US rule that you must not criticise your president when he is on the war path. And then there are those who take criticism for hate, those who never heard that one of the most important obligations of friendship and commitment is criticism if your friend is going the wrong way. Not to forget those who are on your side but act in a way that they destroy any productive discussion with their attacks and flames.

Well, my friends and foes, does it make sense at all to spend your time in such an environment?

All this rushed through my bio-ram in a second and when it reached the I/O section I did something I should have done much earlier – I just closed the book. Like that, no long explanations which would start another round – see Anshul’s farewell thread in the Mandriva forum – no, up and gone.

I will still come to that forum whenever I have to announce something as admin of MandrivaUser.de (a new edition, an event coming up, etc.) or whenever I have a technical question as normal user of Mandriva Linux. I will still be of help in favor of Mandriva Linux. But I will no more participate in any discussions there.

A New Year, not the same world, at least for me.

Stay tuned and take care.


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One Response to “A New Year, still the same world? Not for me.”

  1. kurmucis Says:

    Glad You made that decision (probably a bit late) – it was such a mess and it’s locked now.
    But also probably – Anne jump in with promise to take a look at situation deeper on Monday. Maybe it will bring something good after all.

    And most of all – Happy New Year and follow Your path!

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