Beware of Developers! (Sequel to “Open Source, but…”)

I do happily admit that I was too single-minded in my blog about the informations on the Fosdem event. After returning from Belgium here are a few impressions:

You ever felt really scared because strange people are gathering around you in masses, all happening in the underworld of a very functional 1960ies building’s basement with the worn look of a highschool in the Bronx?

That’s what I felt when I came to Brussel’s Fosdem 2010. See, I’m nothing but a very normal user with the additional stigma of an old fart. Now see all these young crazy people talking in languages like C#, perl, php and whatever – many of them even did that in French! So you may get a feeling for what I felt like during those two days.

Guys, I really ENJOYED it! I declare it was one of the best events I ever honored with my presence. All those guys (very few dolls!) ver very friendly,  took their time explaining how to make fire and such simpel things. I met a whole bunch of people with very familiar names, like Anne Nicolas, Per Øyvind, Michael Scherer, shikamaru, and more. But the most astounding thing happened when a guy walked up to me, telling me his name is Oden Erikson. The next thing he told me was how he’s enjoying to see the sun first time since July 2009! Huh? Then he explained, he’s living near the arctic circle and it’s night all day at this time of year. What an astonishing world we live in!

The Fosdem, an event I will not miss in future, everybody: go there if you have the opportunity, but beware of two things: beer and coffee. The former is too much, the latter too bad.

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