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January 20, 2010

There are discussions, some very lively, some even changing to flame wars and non productive in most cases. And there are discussions among grown-ups who have something in common: the goal to improve a non optimal situation. We all know such discussions and we feel best when participating in such because we do it to achieve something for all.

And there are discussions where somebody is in the lead and puts his opinion, his rules and his point of view above logical or technical arguments. “Do as you are told or else..” If this happens at the very start of a discussion I call it a “non-discussion“. It does not solve the problem at hand, it does nothing to improve the situation or fix an issue. The only thing it does is giving the leader a nice warm feeling that he has proven his position and enforced rules.



Parole, parole, parole!

August 12, 2009

There was a nice Italian pop song back in the 70ties where a man chanted promises, one after the other, and in the background a woman sang only 3 words: “Parole! Parole! Parole!”, meaning “Words, promises, nothing else!”

Lately this song came back to my mind when I contemplated what to do with Mandriva’s newest advertisment about the Flash 2009 Spring. Well, all that Mandriva says about the Flash is true, not just marketing! It is a wonderful product, I love it! I have one of those, the 2008.0 version. And there the story begins.


The beauty, the function, the beauty

August 10, 2009

Netbooks are the big hype of our days. Aren’t they cute little toys, a real treat for a technics victim? Yes, I did buy such a toy, mainly because I wanted to have something small enough to carry around each day and put to use in the park, at the queue at Starbucks and on the train. It’s a Lenovo S10e and I am still annoyed that Lenovo abandoned that joystick! Anyways, a netbook with a solid state disk asks for a slim and fast distribution and a special desktop.